Master B2IPME (Integrative Biology of Plant-Microbe-Environment Interactions)

The Master 2 B2IPME is a Master’s degree co-authorized by the University of Burgundy and Dijon AgroSup. It offers both training and research in the fields of agro-ecology, plant and microbial biotechnology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry of plants.

- To train future managers / researchers in the areas of plant and agri-environmental research;

- Provide an integrative view of biology of the plant’s interactions with its biotic and abiotic environment.

- Training, and research in the field of agro-ecology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry of plants;
- Preparation for doctoral thesis.

- Preparation for employment in the sciences and biotechnology of the plant (eg, use plants as sources of compounds of interest for health and welfare);
- Engineer, Project Manager, responsible for product development, research officer.
- Theoretical training;

- A training course (public or private sector placements);

- Analysis of practical situations including group work.

The Master is attached to the research unit UMR Agroecology, which includes, among other disciplines ,the following themes: Soil microbiology, agronomy, (Eco) Physiology, Ecology, Biochemistry, Genetics


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