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Master B2IPME (Integrative Biology of Plant-Microbe-Environment Interactions)

The Master 2 B2IPME is a Masters degree awarded by the University of Burgundy in cooperation with the engineering school AgroSup Dijon. It offers training in the fields of plant and microbial biotechnology, agro-ecology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry of plants.

- To train future managers / researchers in the areas of plant production, plant physiology, plant/microbial biotechnology and environment

- Provide an integrative view of the biology of plant interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment.

- Theoretical training;

- Internships in research institutes or enterprises

The Master is attached to the research unit UMR Agroecology with the following research themes: soil ecology, plant-microorganism interactions, ecophysiology of legumes, weed ecology.


Details of the teaching program are available in the syllabus:

- Master 1st year B2IPME (as specialization within Master Biology/Health)

- Master 2nd year B2IPME

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